Quite often drivers’ maintenance philosophy comes down to “fail and fix” vs. preventative maintenance. It’s the difference between “Hey, I just need an oil change” and deliberate, periodic maintenance at

planned intervals.


At BEM, we offer a range of service:


  • Routine 3,000-mile oil change (including test drive, lift inspection and premium oil brands.
  • 7,500-mile service, which includes a thorough on-the-rack inspection of suspension, brakes, top off fluid levels, and tire rotation
  • Tune Up – 30,000-mile service that takes a day and includes changing all filters and replacing all liquids


Once we know what your vehicle really needs, you can make an informed decision that best suits you and your car’s current condition. We’re not looking to up sell or meet some arbitrary timetable – our aim is to help you prolong your vehicle’s life.

10  Reasons Why We Are North Bay’s   Leading British-European Repair Service


  1. Our 12 month 12,000 mile limited warranty
  2. Our certified, factory-trained technicians use state-of-the art computer diagnostics to keep your vehicle at its optimum performance level.
  3. We can handle all of your extended warranty work. We take care of every detail for you. Entrust us with your vehicle and we will do the rest.
  4. Extensive parts inventory. Our parts department stocks genuine factory components and has access to the nation’s best parts fabricators and suppliers.
  5. We are thoroughly familiar with your automobile’s electrical system. Our staff can diagnose and repair electrical systems at any level of complexity and sophistication.
  6. Modern transmissions are complex combinations of the mechanical and electrical. Our master technicians will ensure that your vehicle’s transmission is working at factory specifications.
  7. Our years of experience with all makes of European engines means we know how to diagnose problems well before expensive repairs become necessary.
  8. Our staff is fully trained on ABS brake systems. We also are able to repair or replace your brake system components quickly and efficiently.
  9. Our expertise and our associated companies allows us to work on the simplest of repair to the complexity of a major overhaul.
  10. Our restoration Services: Details, Details, Details, the mainstay of a quality restoration and the “middle name” of British European Motors!