British European Motors’ restorations are another part of our full service facility. From the very smallest of jobs to a complete body off nut and bolt restoration. We take the time to work with both your ideas and YOUR Budget. Some ideas might exceed the budget, so we can customize a good ‘driver’ or a full nut and bolt restoration. With our experienced staff guiding you with each step making suggestions and completing each stage to your satisfaction.


We can rebuild or fabricate most anything if that part is not available. With some components it is not possible or practical to attempt a rebuild. When it is necessary, or requested British European can overhaul and rebuild the smallest unit to the largest of assemblies right under our own roof.


British European Motors use only the very best craftsmen. We pick the right persons for every stage and specialty required to complete and make your vehicle the very best that it can be.  It completes the process of car care perfectly, no questions unanswered you pick the very best, you get the very best.