When it comes to your British car, at the back of your mind is the possibility that someday you’ll sell it.

When you do, one of the things that will help you fetch the highest price is your car’s provenance - a record of ownership used as a guide to authenticity or quality.


An aspect of provenance is a detailed record of the repair, restoration and maintenance you’ve given it over the years.


We keep detailed track of each car we service. Our mechanics take painstaking notes about every aspect of a restoration, repair or scheduled maintenances and services—their analysis of the problem, their solution and the materials they used to make things right. So anybody who buys a BEM-serviced car has access to much more information about that car than he could ever get from Car-Fax.

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Special / Sale Price - 1982 Triumph TR8

This TR8 has a salvage title, we purchased the car from the prior owner as the insurance company could not find parts so we put a new fender on it a headlight and repaired the front valance, paint and good as new! Two different customers have enjoyed it with a history of service with us back to 1997! just over 100k original miles as far as we have records, its done about a 1,000 miles a year for the last 20 years!


Price: SOLD